Video #5: Three Ways to Rebuild the Economy

Here is my favorite video of this project so far. For more info on this video project, and why I’m doing it check out this post. Here are three things America could do right now to rebuild its economy, protect the environment and get everyone to work in great jobs.

One depressing reality I’m facing as I publish these videos is that there is just so little appetite among progressives (or conservatives) for discussion of fundamental economic issues. This is the great tragedy of American politics. Even though economic issues top every poll of what most people and most voters care about, the activists on both the left and right are not that interested in thinking about the economy outside of the simple lines they’re used to. This is one of the problems that Left Right Forward is trying to wrestle with. The question is: Can we attract a new audience of community leaders who care about how the economy actually works and how we can really make it work for everyone as opposed to towing a party (or subcultural) line?

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