Video #2: A Very Simple Healthcare Solution

Here is my latest video — this time on healthcare! For more info on this video project, and why I’m doing it check out this post. This comes just in time for another Senate healthcare battle. Please have a look and let me know what you think. And please subscribe to the Left Right Forward channel.

I’m learning a lot about what it takes to make these videos. The first one I worked on myself in Adobe After Effects with a lot of support and work put in by Allison Jester who showed me the ropes. For this video, I handed the script over to the amazing Mike Booth. It turns out it’s very difficult to find freelance animators who can take a script dealing with politics or economics and make something without a ton of direction. And even with a ton of direction, it still usually doesn’t get anywhere. At least that’s been my experience attempting trying out a dozen or so animators this month. Maybe it would have been better to have spent this time fundraising to be able to afford more of Mike’s time and other more established animators!

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